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Directions to Our Office

General Location

We are located between Old Town Fairfax City and Fair Oaks Mall, 2 traffic lights west of Old Town Fairfax. at 10807 Main Street, Suite 500, Fairfax, Virginia, 22030.

Please note: Lately we have discovered that some iPhone GPS systems seem to send people to an entirely different location on Lee Highway in Merrifield, so you may want to confirm the location on a map before you trust your iPhone. If the iPhone does try to misdirect you, you might try entering the address of a home that is located across Main Street from our office complex. That address is 3968 Oak Street, Fairfax, VA. Our office complex, Kelly Square, is directly across Main Street from that house and is easily visible from that location. Also please delete "Directions from Washington Beltway and from DC.

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Office Policy:  (Updated July, 2017)

Office Hours:

We regularly see patients on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. We see patients starting at 8:00 am and the last patient is usually scheduled at 3 pm. We occasionally see patients on Wednesday mornings as well if necessary. We are closed on weekends and major holidays.

Phone Hours:

Phones are answered between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm with a break from 12:00 to 12:30 pm. If the machine answers, please leave a message. Messages are checked frequently during the day and the Medical Assistant strives to return all calls within an hour or two. Dr. Hurlock usually is not able to return calls until the end of the day, after patients are seen. She occasionally returns calls in the evening as well, so please leave numbers where you can be reached throughout the afternoon and evening.

Fax messages:

We welcome communication via fax. Please feel free to type or write down any questions, etc., particularly complicated ones, and fax them to us. We will respond by phone unless you specifically request a fax response. Our fax # is 703-273-1544. Please give us phone #s where you can be reached, and specify at what times you can be reached at each number.

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Due to HIPAA regulations, we are not able to communicate with patients by e-mail.

After hours emergencies:

If you have a medical emergency after hours, please call our emergency line at 703-273-1533 or 703-273-1543 to reach Dr. Hurlock. Please hold routine messages or refill requests till the next business day.

Web site:

Our web site is www.WomensHormoneCenter.com. Please feel free to visit it often, particularly after sensational news reports are released. Dr. Hurlock continually adds letters, links, articles and comments to the site to help our patients be well informed when the media repeatedly tries to create chaos. You will also find directions and basic contact information there.

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We provide general office gynecologic services; paps smears, treatment of vaginal problems, etc, and have a specialty in menopause. Dr. Hurlock is a Board Certified Gynecologist and a Certified Menopause Practitioner. She also has managed hypothyroidism (low thyroid function) for over 18 years (she herself is hypothyroid) and is very proud to have been labeled “Healing Goddess” by one of her favorite patients. She is not an endocrinologist but has acquired a certain level of expertise through years of experience. We do not manage hyperthyroidism (over active thyroid) or thyroid cancer. We do not provide obstetric services; though will refer if that need arises.


Dr. Hurlock’s fee is based on the duration of your visit. The fee for short visits is relatively small and the charge for long visits is more. The goal of this fee structure is to be fair. Other services such as lab work, blood draws, or injections are charged separately. Payment is expected at the time of service. We accept cash, checks, MasterCard and Visa.


For reasons too numerous to count, we no longer participate with any insurance company or plan. Therefore, if you wish to be reimbursed by your insurance company for the cost of your visit, you will need to submit the appropriate forms to your company yourself. Forms can be obtained from your insurance company and after filling their form out, you can simply attach the “Superbill” that we give to you at the time of payment. Also, it is helpful if you know what type of code your insurance is most likely to reimburse. We will do our best to code the visit in such a way that you are maximally reimbursed. Please be aware that it is illegal to retroactively change a visit code. That is considered fraud. Our belief is that the best insurance is a health savings account, which gives the consumer the most choice and control in their own care. (This type of policy is more like car insurance and is much less expensive than traditional plans that claim to “cover everything” and actually pay for nothing.)

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Our practice has “opted out” of the Medicare system since 1997. This means that our services are not covered at all by Medicare. You will not be reimbursed by Medicare for our services. However, any labs that are done or tests that we order outside the office are billed directly to Medicare. So even though an “opted out” doc orders your mammogram, Medicare will still pay for the mammogram. If a Medicare patient needs surgery or other relatively expensive procedure, I can refer the patient for that particular service to another physician who does participate with Medicare. Please bring your Medicare card with you so that we can pass the information on to the lab for billing in the event that we do lab work.


We request that you give us 48 workday hours notice if you need to cancel a new patient appointment and a full workday's notice to cancel a follow up appointment. A fee of $50 will be charged for no shows. If you have failed to show for or cancel a new patient appointment, a non-refundable deposit of $100 will be charged if you wish to reschedule another new patient appointment. In return, with the exception of health or family emergencies, we will try never to change your appointment without at least several days notice. Repeated late cancellations or no shows will be grounds for dismissing a patient from the practice.


If the weather in Fairfax is very hazardous, we will likely not be open, or will open late. Please call the office early in the morning to confirm or reschedule appointments.

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Prescription Refills:

Our hope and goal is that you will never have to call to request a refill of a prescription. This wastes your time and our staff’s time. Consequently, our policy is to give enough of all medicines to last until the next planned visit. In general one year of refills is given for all hormone replacement, birth control pills, maintenance meds, etc. During thyroid dose titration, we generally give enough refills to last until the next follow up visit which would usually occur about 3-4 months later. However, if you do not come in at the requested time for your follow up, you will likely run out of medicine. In those instances, we will only call in refills once before a follow up visit, and will request at that time that you set up your follow up visit that is overdue. There is a $25 charge for this service. This is also true if you neglect to come in on time for your annual yearly check up and need refills called in. Since mail order pharmacies often have long “hold” times, we prefer to communicate with them via fax, so please have their fax # available if we need to contact them for you. In the event that your pharmacist tells you that you have no further refills (but you are not overdue for your visit), before requesting a refill from us, please ask the pharmacist to show you the original prescription to see if they perhaps did not record the refills correctly. It has been our experience that pharmacists often do not record refills accurately into their computers, and your refills thus seem to run out prematurely. This will save you a refill fee. Similarly, if your insurance changes, and pharmacies therefore need to be changed, please ask the current pharmacy to transfer your existing prescription to the new pharmacy. This way you can also avoid our script duplication fee. If they refuse to transfer your prescription, you may want to fax that information to the Virginia Board of Pharmacy to the attention of Mr. Sam Johnson @ 804-527-4424. Of course we also make mistakes, and you will never be charged a fee for a refill that was needed due to our error.

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Lab results:

The law requires that radiologists inform patients of their mammogram results. If they do not do such in a timely manner, please call them to have them send the results. It is not uncommon for some radiologists to occasionally not send results to us, so please don’t think that if you have not heard anything, nothing is wrong. We may not have received the result and therefore would be unaware if there were a problem. Dr. Hurlock will automatically send you a copy of all sonogram reports and bone density reports that she has ordered complete with a written interpretation of what the results mean. You therefore do not need to call for those results. If you haven’t received these results, the most likely cause is that we have not received the result from the radiologist. We also automatically inform you of your pap results. Notification is by mail if the results are normal and by phone if the results are abnormal. We also automatically notify you of important results such as cholesterol values, estrogen levels, etc. Generally, we only notify you of thyroid test and culture results if they are abnormal.

Form completion and letters written:

Depending on the time required and the complexity, there may be a charge for completion of forms or for writing letters on behalf of the patient. There is no charge for completion of simple forms however.

Preauthorization requests for prescriptions:

We do not have any contractual obligations to any insurance companies, therefore their requirement that our office jump through various hoops so that you can get the medicines that they by contract owe you are absolutely unreasonable and inappropriate. Please realize that they do this to try to inhibit you from receiving full advantage of your policy, particularly with expensive medicines. Preauthorization requirements have nothing to do with safety. If such forms or phone calls are absolutely necessary for you to receive your benefits, we will do them however. Our charge for this service is $25. We suggest that you then request your insurance company to reimburse you for that charge, since they generated this obstructive requirement in the first place.

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In general, we do not require you to have entire old charts sent to us. At the most, we would only want operative notes, pathology reports, perhaps your most recent thyroid test and cholesterol, sonogram reports and bone density reports. If you want your records for our office sent elsewhere, please give us a written and signed release informing us exactly what records you want sent where. Please allow 72 hours for this service. Our charge for copying records is "$10 for the first 5 pages then a charge of 25 cents per page for each page over 5. The charge to send records to an insurance company when you are applying for new insurance is a flat fee of $35.

Patient information:

Please keep us informed of any changes in your address or contact information so that we can reach you if necessary.

Patient questions or side effects of treatment:

Please never hesitate to contact our office if you have a question or particularly if you are experiencing any side effect from a medicine that we have prescribed. Our method of practice requires close communication between doctor and patient and we always need to know if you are not doing well. Through close communication, we can then improve our chances of maximizing and maintaining your good health!

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