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Articles & Resources

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Bioidentical Comments

Discusses the terms "bioidentical", "natural", and "synthetic" when used to describe hormone replacement, and how these terms can be misleading.

Comments about Government Run Healthcare

An essay entitled "Immoral Medicine" by Dr. Lee Heib concerning the inherently immoral nature of government controlled health care.

Letter about Gardisil (HPV Vaccine)

A letter by Dr. Hurlock to Virginia legislators when the HPV Vaccine was being considered by the State of Virginia to be mandated for school girls in Virginia.

My Perspective on the Women’s Health Initiative

An introduction to Dr. Jacques Rossouw, former Head of the Women's Health Initiative Study, and a brief overview of the study's findings.

Prempro v. Placebo Death Rates

A graph taken from the original publication of the Women's Health Initiative in 2002 showing that the death rate in the Prempro group was lower than the death rate in the placebo group; yet the message that NIH delivered to the public was that hormone replacement was dangerous and deadly and should be avoided.

Letter to Washington Post requesting the Truth

A letter to the Washington Post by Dr. Hurlock in 2004 alerting them to the fact that newer data from the Women's Health Initiative showed favorable effects from hormone replacement.

Letter to Washington Post requesting Accuracy

A letter to the Washington Post by Dr. Hurlock in 2005 which points our multiple errors in an article they published by Ms. Boodman concerning hormone replacement therapy, requesting that more attention be paid to accuracy in their future articles on the subject.

HRT Does Prevent Dementia

Discusses the mechanism by which hormone replacement prevents dementia, and provides a graph showing the results of multiple studies that have examined the link between estrogen and prevention of dementia.

Dr. Birge’s Comments about Dementia

Dr. Birge, an expert on dementia and aging, describes the link between estrogen and prevention of dementia, and reviews some of the literature, including the problems with the WHIMS trial (the dementia trial within the Women's Health Initiative.)

Less Breast Cancer Mortality in HRT Users

A graph showing 8 studies looking at mortality from breast cancer in hormone users v. non-users, all showing less mortality from breast cancer in the hormone users.

HRT and Breast Cancer Detection

Discusses that concept that estrogen replacement improves detection of cancer, in a manner similar to mammography, which explains the data showing increased detection and reduced mortality from breast cancer.

The True Causes of Breast Cancer

A link to the web site of the Breast Cancer Fund, an organization in San Francisco whose goal is to illuminate and eliminate the environmental carcinogens that are the true cause of most breast cancer.

Letter About Breast Cancer Prevention

A letter to Wulf Utian, the Executive Director and founder of the North American Menopause Society, by Dr. Hurlock concerning an article published in the NAMS journal which suggested that "early detection is our best prevention."  Dr. Hurlock suggests that "early detection" is simply not good enough, and suggests that NAMS put more emphasis on exposing true breast carcinogens, rather than going along with the same old anti-estrogen dogma perpetrated by the cancer industry.